Marios Ellinas
Featured on: Opening The Door, Access & Two Pillars Conferences

Marios grew up on the island of Cyprus, where he served as a Green Beret in the Cypriot Special Forces. He studied history at the College of New Jersey and the University of Connecticut. Marios is known internationally as a motivational speaker and author. He has published numerous inspirational books, including the best-sellers Weaponized Honor and Tables & Platforms. For more than twenty years, Marios established and nurtured relationships with leaders from the realms of business, government, law enforcement, ministry, and the military; consequently, he is valued by highly influential individuals as a trusted consultant, on a personal and professional level. Marios owns Sownlend Consulting LLC; is a senior partner in Origin Wealth Consulting LLC; and serves as Chief Operating Officer of Ariel Global Foundation. Marios and his wife Danielle live in Connecticut, USA. They have three grown children.  |  |  facebook

Grant Mahoney
Featured on: Two Pillars & The Thomas Effect Conferences

Grant is an incredible seer who is passionate for the truth of the Word of God and loves teaching and sharing his experience with others, be it through conferences, online events or personal mentoring.  His heart is to see believers come to full maturity, understanding who they are in Christ and also have the full knowledge of what the Father has called them to do.

He has a passion for the Sons of YHVH. He longs to see believers prosper to the point where we will see the restoration of the Kingdom of Solomon in terms of wealth, where the Sons have a voice in the earth through finance. Another passion of his is his deep love, honour and respect for the Celtic saints, his heart yearns to see the manifestation of kingdom that they constantly walked in become a part of normal life for believers

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Lindi Masters
Featured on: Hidden Agenda, Sapphire Stones & Take A Breath Conferences

Lindi Masters has been in active ministry for over 40 years. Her heart is to mentor the Body of Yeshua into ‘Maturity being their Vav’, rooted and grounded in YHVH and in His mysteries and secrets. Lindi has a legacy of 3 incredible children who have all married Godly partners and she has 5 beautiful grandchildren. She currently divides her time between Ireland and South Africa.  |  books  |  facebook


Ricky Nieuwenhuis
Featured on: The Thomas Effect & Take A Breath Conferences

Ricky grew up on the East Coast of South Africa in the city of Durban. Here he served as a pastor of a local church for seven years. Yahweh led Ricky into transitioning his community from Church Age into Kingdom community, meeting in homes and pursuing the mysteries of Yahweh together. Ricky’s heart is to see Sons arise and step into maturity as they pursue the heart of Yahweh and His Kingdom. Ricky is married to his wife, Melanie, and together they have a daughter, Oraia, and son, Judah  |  patreon  |  instagram  |  facebook  


Karl Whitehead
Featured on: Opening The Door, Sapphire Stones, Access & Two Pillars Conferences

I am a Torah teacher who loves to share the beauty and wisdom of God's word with others. I believe that Torah is not just a set of rules, but a living dialogue between God and His people. I help my students explore and develop the questions that challenge and grow our perception of what it means to know God more. Together we discover how Torah enriches our lives and relationship with God and those around us. I am passionate about creating a learning environment that is engaging, vibrant, and joyful.
Tehillim 119:97 ‘Oh how I love Your Torah. All day long it is my discussion.’



Robbie Venter
Featured on: Opening The Door Conference

Robbie is an entrepreneur with extensive international experience across a range of industries. He is the founder of a New Zealand based investment company called Apex Capital and has worked with entrepreneurs around the world through one on one coaching, training and speaking engagements. He holds a Masters in Business Administration and has a track record in leading negotiations on multi-million dollar business deals. As an investor and property developer he is always working on the next deal to grow his portfolio. Robbie loves to connect with other entrepreneurs to help them bring their ideas to life and take their business to the next level of success.  |  instagram  |  facebook  |