What is Son of Thunder

Son of Thunder is the practical out working of the mandate Ian Clayton was given more than 35 years ago: TEACH THEM HOW. “Teach them how to do what I do, what I’m learning and what I’m seeing in Yahwehs kingdom.” Ian’s dedicated to providing resources, teachings and guidance to help believers deepen their relationship and grow in maturity with Yahweh and understand His will for their lives.

Who is Ian Clayton

Ian is a son of Yahweh, a husband, father and a grandfather with a passion, mandate and responsibility to teach hungry believers keys for personal, practical, face to face and deep relationship with Yahweh. For more than 35 years Ian has pursued and desired the reality of a relationship, "To know God and be known by Him.” This type of intimacy has lead to a deeper insatiable desire to uncover more of who Yahweh is, and to know more about His realm and Kingdom.

His lifestyle, born out of the desire to initiate and build a friendship with Yahweh, became a journey that required the breaking of religious structures, mind sets and beliefs that he had that dis-empowered and hid the reality and accessibility of being in the realms of Yahwehs kingdom.

As the founder of Son of Thunder, Ian Clayton is committed to enabling believers to become and behold who they truly are. Ian provides spiritual and practical guidance for believers to actively engage in the heavenly supernatural realms and cultivate a profound connection with Yahweh. Encouraging a pursuit of Yahweh’s presence beyond mere duty, Ian's ultimate goal is to guide people towards a deeper relationship with Yahweh, allowing them to experience life in His Kingdom. Believers can make a meaningful impact on a broken world by embracing the reality of the Kingdom, taking responsibility, and recognising their place as heirs of the Kingdom of Yahweh.

How did Son of Thunder Start?

In a vision, Ian was taken across an area that seemed to look just like a carpet but the closer he got, the clearer the picture. It was in fact a multitude of people speaking. As he got even closer he heard them pleading, “please teach us how, we don’t know how.” Ian immediately understood the mandate that Yahweh had given him and felt responsible for its outworking. He was also given his new name, Thunder, which means a glorified voice speaking in fire. A few years later, Son of Thunder was born and Ian began a journey of figuring out how to practically outwork the mandate Yahweh gave him.