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Essential Oils

Heavent Scent Oils Logo
For info on how to obtain
Pure and Divine, Healing and Anointing Oils

Sheryl’s heavenscent oils is a home based business in NZ. The business is connected to Son of Thunder Ministries and is aligned with the Christian faith and is not ‘new age’. We believe that God gave us essential oils to aid us to walk in divine health and healing.

There is no connection between Sheryl’s heavenscent oils and other organizations using the name heavenscent i.e: heavenscent fragrances, heavenscent spiritual guidance, heavenscent incense, heavenscent tree healing to name a few.

JoAnn McFatter ~ Quantum Physics, Frequency and Essential Oils
Scroll down to the date April 15 2013 and you will see the link to listen to the mp3 teaching by JoAnn McFatter.

Arcs of Destiny

We are part of a global collection of people who passionately pursue a life of getting to know and demonstrate the reality and dimensions of God. Arcs of Destiny brings together believers for times of equipping that spark passionate pursuit of God, enabling them to discover their identity in Him and reveal their mandate as ambassadors of His Kingdom



Moed Ministries
Mo’ed Ministries has been operating since July 2009 and was co-founded by Grant and Samantha Mahoney.

Milly Bennitt - Cabin Academy
Cabin Academy was founded by Milly Bennitt as a mentoring platform to equip and release sons and daughters of God in engaging heaven, of walking out their destiny with God in freedom, wholeness and creativity.

Kevin and Amy Thompson
Kevin and Amy Thompson have known Ian Clayton for a number of years and their passion is to educate and disciple individuals, ministries, pastors and churches in how to overcome the quarrels of life and embrace the abundance of God’s Kingdom.

Kevin and Amy are also distributors for Ian Clayton's teaching resources in the US.

Kingdom Reflections
Corina is a fireball speaker with incredible first hand adventures experiencing the limitless power and presence of God. A family attempt to escape a communist ruled country began God's first training of His supernatural powers to her. Traveling the world, going to countries others dare not to go, Corina has truly lived it to teach it.

With a dedication to unveil the mysteries of God (1Cor 2:6-10) for those who are ready to receive their true DNA from their Father God, Corina’s live teachings include activations led by the Holy Spirit to engage the understanding of the kingdom realms of God for themselves. Seeing-believing-empowering-releasing… your spirit will soar!

Ph: 615.642.1830

David and Jenny von Blanckensee - Glory Revolution
Glory Revolution. Going beyond the existing boundaries and man-made structures that we’ve always known to step through the door and be swept up in the things of the Spirit.

JoAnn McFatter


Dr Adonijah Ogbonnaya

AACTEV8 International was founded by Adonijah Ogbonnaya (ATC, BA, MA Theol. MA, PhD Theol. PhD Bus. Publishing). After preaching the Christian Gospel for over 40 years and publishing over 14 books and articles, Dr. Adonijah Ogbonnaya has brought his years experience in educational content to an online academic environment.

Ian Clayton now has a curated Facebook page.

Please Note: There are only two Facebook pages that Ian Clayton and Son of Thunder Ministries are associated with. They are:
Son of Thunder Ministries
Son of Thunder Publications.

Any other Facebook page that mentions or refers to Ian Clayton and Son of Thunder are not connected to, or affiliated with Ian, nor does he have any input into their content.

Ian Clayton also has a YouTube Channel and Patreon site
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