Product Details: Reaching Through Conference Set

This Reaching Through Conference Set, was recorded in Troon, Scotland, 2018 and contains the following sessions:

1. Corparatised Fantasies

  • As co-creators, we have the capacity to breathe into existence spiritual reality. How we do this however needs to be a true reflection of how it is in Heaven, not how it is on the earth. Not according to our desire, but according to the revealed desire of the Creator. In this session Ian Clayton talks about the growing occurrence of people bringing earth into heaven for corporate spiritual encounters, instead of encountering God's House, as it is in Heaven.

2. The Redemption of our Bodies

  • Our bodies are the gateway for God to reveal Himself into creation. In this session Ian Clayton talks about how we need to realign our perspective to see what it means to be a temple.

3. Welcome to Responsibility

  • In this session Ian Clayton talks about how God interacts with creation

4. Leverage and Trading

  • In the session Ian Clayton teaches about trading that occurs during teaching and how to leverage your trade for your future.

Taste of the Age to Come

  • What does our future look like? In this session Ian Clayton talks about the hope of an amazing future waiting for us and how we can identify with it.

We Are the Centerpiece of the Universe

  • We have a responsibility to all creation to become what we are meant to be. In this session Ian Clayton talks about moving beyond our perception of a fallen nature.

Price: $30.00 (NZD)


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