Product Details: Going Beyond

The Going Beyond Conference Set contains the following sessions:

  • Ezekiel One : The first vision of Ezekiel the Priest is one of the most graphical descriptions of Tenakh. In this session Ian walks through this vision and how it relates to who we are.
  • Ezekiel Ten: Carrying on from the first session, Ian now looks at Ezekiels next vision and how it relates to his first.
  • The Different Races in Genesis: In the first chapters of Genesis, we read of giants, angels and more. In this session Ian goes through the amazing number of beings referred to in the beginning chapters of Genesis.
  • A Body Transformed: In this session Ian talks about just how important of bodies are to us and what the future holds for us as a species.
  • Hannah: In this session Ian breaks down the amazing actions of Hannah and her priestly service to G-d, that resulted in one of Yisraels greatest priests.
  • Priesthood: What does it mean to be a priest of G-d and where is our priesthood heading? In this session Ian discusses where we are heading in our service of G-d.

Please Note: There are currently no drawings included with this set.

Price: $30.00 (NZD)


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