Product Details: What?!

What?! Conference Audio Set.

This conference set includes the following sessions:

01: Breath and Unity

Ian lays a foundation for understanding the importance of unity within one another and YHVH through sharing breath

02: Dealing with Corruption

Ian explains how to deal with our corruption in order to fully access all that YHVH is within us

03: Restringing Our DNA

Ian walks through the process of aligning in Christ to position the Living Letters in our DNA strands. This session runs for 110 minutes

04: Realms and Cities

Ian discusses the realms of creation before Creation was framed and each city that sits within them

05: Our Conscience and Our Business

Ian emphasizes the significance of having a clear conscience in our four brains to operate successfully in business

06: Viewing Business Through Priesthood

Ian talks about viewing our business through our priesthood and what operating as a King in that sphere looks like


Price: $30.00 (NZD)


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