Product Details: His Compass - Conference Audio

This conference set contians the following sessions:

01 - Who Are We

In this session Ian talks about the divine appointment of our time and that who we are is fashioned out of divine breath to become a mediator between heaven and earth.  The goal, therefore, as a spirit being is to learn how to govern our body and soul again. The crises confronting many believers, is not knowing who they are.  

 02 – Goodness and Mercy

In Psalm 23 we read “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me…”. What are the implications of these words as a framework that equips us to recognise where we are going with what we are doing.

In this session Ian talks about Goodness and Mercy and how they are revealed in their different aspects throughout Scripture to reveal the very nature of who we are.

 03 – Speaking on Tongues

In this session Ian talks about praying in tongues, speaking in the spirit and speaking with the spirit.

 04 – Breathing as a Spirit Being

In this session Ian talks about the reality of how we breath as spirit being and the growing realisation of what it means to share breath with one another and creation around us.

 05 – Mobilising Our Brains

How do we think? In this session Ian talks about his journey into understanding how we as human beings focus our thought life. Part of this journey revolves around the reality that we are a multi-brain being and this session is centred on Ian teaching about our four brains.

 06 – Reframing Our World by the Spirit

‘To build something, you must build a framework’, the Aleph Tav provides that framework. In this session Ian takes you on journey into his own process to understand how the Aleph Tav draws us deeper into how we share breath with God.

 07 – The Power of Tongues

In this session Ian continues talking about the subject of speaking in tongues.

 08 – Question and Answers

This session is the full recording of questions and answer time at the end.

Price: $80.00 (NZD)


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