Product Details: A New Day

This set of teachings is comprised of all Ian CLayton's sessions, recorded during the A New Day conference.

This set contains the following sessions:

Session One: Living Above the Sun

In this session Ian talks about how to Identify the two main realms that affect our existence below the sun.

Session Two: The Way of Sovereignty

In this session Ian teaches on the stages of growth in our functionality that lead towards realising maturity and the subsequent way of sovereignty.

Session Three: Priesthood Above The Sun

In this session Ian discusses the various functions of priesthood and how this impacts our daily walk with God.

Session Four: The Expressions of Faith

Faith is a doorway of entry that empowers you and I to reach in to the future. To lay hold of something that is in the heart of God, that is not yet manifested upon the earth. Faith allows us to tether into that future, regardless of our circumstances, to see it unlocked. In this session Ian talks about the different aspects of faith that are available to us and which can empower us to engage the higher realities of God.

Session Five: Being In The Spirit

The key motivation to being positioned in the spirit must be our desire for greater union with God. In this session Ian expands his previous teaching on how to be in the spirit and discusses how believers can be positioned in the right doorway so that they can be captured and caught up into the realm of God.

Price: $25.00 (NZD)


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