Product Details: Convergence Conference Set

This MP3 audio conference set contains the following sessions:

Your Body Is A Temple

In this session Ian talks about his near death experience and how this gave him a fresh insight in to the nature of our natural body in relation to being the temple of the Holy Spirit. 

A Royal Priesthood

In this session Ian teaches on the nature and reality of what it means to be a royal priesthood. A peculiar people.

Our Six Bodies

In this session, Ian expands on his teaching about the six bodies of humanity.

Fishing in the Mysteries

In this session Ian talks about how he fishes in the mysteries of God and through this process of faith unlocks and interacts with the provision of those mysteries. 

The Echo Chamber of His Name

No other being in creation has been given the privilege to carry the presenc of God in them, as an Ark. In this session Ian disccusses the echo chamber of His Name that we dwell within.


PLEASE NOTE: The audio for this set is taken from a video camera and therefore contains background room noise, which may be off putting for some.

Price: $25.00 (NZD)


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