Product Details: Kingdom Rocket Fuel - Conference Set

This Conference Set includes the following sessions:

Our Inheritance in Communion
In this foundational session on why we take communion, Ian teaches about how the act of taking communion can bring us into harmony with the reality of who we are in Heaven.

The Generations of the Heavens and the Earth
Ian walks through the layers of the realms of the kingdoms of heaven and the separating of those layers. Talks about the function of mountains and everlasting doors.

Our Mountain
To understand who we are, we need to understand the function of the mountain of God. This is the place where we learn how to govern according to protocol and honour. In this teaching, Ian talks about our mountain and what is waiting for us to engage with and learn to protocol with, to provide justice upon the earth. Ian also talks about the 7 major trading floors that get in the way being able to function in the ways of God.

Engaging Your Testimony Scroll
Ian talks about how our soul enters our heart, carrying the testimony scroll of our being that was given to us when we were born out of the realm of Heaven and how we can access this scroll to walk out the Fathers heart for our lives. This session contains an activation on engaging with your testimony scroll.

The Function of Crowns
There are times in our spiritual lives when it feels like something is missing and we struggle to understand why something that was once easy, is now hard. In this session Ian talks about the many crowns available to us, how they function in our lives and how to identify when a crown has been displaced from our life.

Price: $25.00 (NZD)


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