Product Details: Beyond The Edge Conference Set

Recorded at the Beyond Tomorrow Conference, this set contains the following sessions:

Session 1 : The Transmutation of Our Bodies

Our hearts are the inter-cellular framework by which we frame the future that we hope for. So how do we frame the future of the natural body that we are currently residing in, and how do our perceptions of that body relate to our faith in scripture. In this session Ian builds upon the unfolding revelation of our natural body being in His Name and how this re-aligns our heart to see who we are becoming.

Session 2: The Glory and Function of Our Bodies

In this session Ian builds upon his Six Bodies teaching, delving deeper into the scripture in 1 Cor 15 and how each body functions in union with the other.

Session 3: Positioned to Engage Wisdom

In this session Ian talks about his engagement with Wisdom in the dimensions before creation.

Session 4: Autosome and Living Letters

In this session Ian discusses how his engagement with Ezekiel taught him to observe the arcing of the Living Letters over the autosomes of human DNA and how this effects the completion of our future to become a reflection of our Father. This is the unfolding of who we are becoming and our connection to the waters below and above.

Session 5: Engaging With Mystery

Part of our function as a priest is to go fishing in the mysteries on a daily basis. Ian discusses how he engages with Mystery to draw out his daily supply from God.

Session 6: Through the Way of the Tree of Life

In this session Ian discusses walking through the Flaming Sword and Cherubim’s towards and through the Way of the Tree of Life.

Session 7: Son of Perdition

In this session Ian unfolds the title of a son of perdition and how redemption is offered only to humanity.

Price: $35.00 (NZD)


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