Product Details: Heart Synergy Conference Set

This audio conference set contains the following sessions:

Session 1: The hope of a glorified body

How does God reframe us to deal with our future body.

In this session Ian walks through scripture to expose how our current thought processes about our body can be transformed to bring us into a more mature way of perceiving our natural and spiritual bodies. The future hope of a glorified body

Session 2: The framework of engaging revelation.

God desires to frame up a place for us in creation, so that the revelation he wants to bring to us in that day, can find a resting place in creation. Ian walks through the things that he has identified as important to unlock revelation.

Session 3: The Framework of Eternal Life

The framework of eternity is expressed through the four chambers of the heart. It is the intent and desire of our heart that allows us to engage with the dimensional realms of the kingdom of God. Ian discusses how the way of eternal life has a voice through the framework of our heart.

Session 4: Opening up the ages

Engaging with the ages that move in front of us so that we can live out of the future in our day, without the necessity to go through the full revelation of those days. This enables us to live out of that future state of being, so as to better manage walking through the age that we are currently living in.

Ian discusses how we can leverage who we are now to fully access who we are then.

Session 5: Ascension Protocol

In this session Ian walks through the protocol of Word based ascension and how the hiddenness of our encounters provide a pillar and gateway for others to go in and begin to observe and participate.

Price: $25.00 (NZD)


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