Product Details: The Holy Spirit Video Series

In this deeply personal teaching series. Ian Clayton walks through his journey to building a vibrant and personal relationship with Holy Spirit.

  1. Undestanding the Anointing:  In this video teaching, Ian Clayton walks through the scriptural understanding of what the anointing is and how Holy Spirit administers anointing around and through believers.  Ian talks about what this looks like in a persons life and how our relationship with Holy Spirit facilitates the anointing, and what it feels like to engage the flow of this anointing in relational union connection with Holy Spirit. 
  2. The Personality of the Holy Spirit:  What does it mean to have a personal relationship with Holy Spirit and how is our perspective shifted when we approach Him with the goal of deep intimacy? In this teaching, Ian Clayton works from a scriptural foundation to present the characteristics of the Holy Spirit's personality that confront us when we allow Him to guide us into intimate relational connection.
  3. The Work of the Holy Spirit:  In this the third part of the Holy Spirit Series, Ian Clayton teaches on how the Holy Spirit guides us in to relationship with God and what scripture teaches us about this process.
  4. The Deep Love of the Holy Spirit:  In this the fourth and final part of the Holy Spirit Series, Ian Clayton explores a deeper understanding of how we are impacted by the desire and love of Holy Spirit for us.

Price: $40.00 (NZD)


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