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To save you time we have created these Product Bundles.

Kingdom Government Series Bundle


The Kingdom Government series focuses on our role as maturing children of God and the administration of our Fathers Kingdom as fellow heirs with Jesus Christ.

The Kingdom Government Series is now put together in this collection for ease of purchase.

This collection contains the following files: 

  • Kingdom Government 1: The Bench of Three, The Awareness of Heaven, Understanding Generational Seedlines 
  • Kingdom Government 2: Your Scroll and the Cross, Governed by Revelation, Living From a Different Kingdom, Functioning From the Realms of the Kingdom, Vision Visitation Participation, Government of the Apostolic, Our Role in Judging 
  • Kingdom Government 3: Kingdom of Earth Kingdom of Heaven, His Mountain My Mountain, Judgement and Judging, The Mobile Court, The Courts of Heaven, Menorah Charts PDF, Courts of the Lord PDF, Heavens Court System PDF, Heaven Diagram PDF

Kingdom Mysteries Series


The Kingdom Mysteries Series is a collection of five conference sets. What makes this series special is that they were all hosted by the same church over a five year period and as such each set builds upon the preceding set. 

This series will both challenge and inspire you to push into the deeper issues of our intimacy and walk with God.

Included in this bundle are the following products:

Kingdom Mysteries 1: Kingdom Foundation, Foundation for Heavenly Trading, Kingdom Government and Operation for Trading, Living in the Word The Spirit of Just Men Made Righteous, Question and Answer,Being in the Spirit / Faces of God

Kingdom Mysteries 2: The Way of the Kingdom, The Practice of the Kingdom, Engaging the Realms of the Kingdom, Kingdom Governmental Structure, Angelic Realm, The Government of the Seat of Rest

Kingdom Mysteries 3: Kingdom Realms, Walking in the Light, Gateways of the Menorah, Dividing Soul and Spirit,  Iniquity Transgression and Sin, The Courts of Heaven, The Angelic Realm. This conference set also includes the PDF document, Menorah Charts

Kingdom Mysteries 4Thought Life, Stepping In, Repentance, Wisdom's Handmaidens, Spirit Being Lifestyle, DNA Seedlines, Fear of the Supernatural,  Names of God, Court Procedure, Family Life

Kingdom Mysteries 4: Repentance, Hand of God, Priesthood, Water of Life, Character, Mazzaroth

Supernatural Encounters Series Bundle


The Supernatural Encounters Series is a great series to begin the journey of walking in the reality of who we are as supernatural spirit beings.

This series covers all the basic teachings and also includes great sessions that will challenge and inspire you to passionately pursue the person of God while walking into revelation of who He created us to be.  This series pulls together all the Supernatural Encounters products into one collection for ease of purchase. 

The following files are included:

  • Supernatural Encounters 101: Gateways, The Dark Cloud, Using the Word as a Gateway, Unrepented Imaginations, How to Build a Strong Spirit, The Courtroom of God, The Human Mind, Crowns, Accessing the Presence, Entering the Kingdom of God, The River, Eden, Gateways of the Threefold Nature of Man PDF Manual
  • Supernatural Encounters 102: DNA, The Covenant of the Blood, Covenant of Adoption, The Seven Spirits of God, The Physics of the Spirit Realm, The Throne of Grace, The Trophy Room of Satan, Dry Bones Live
  • Supernatural Encounters 103: Encountering the Presence of God, Profile of the Supernatural, The Speed of Light, The Throne of Grace, Physics, The Profile of the DNA, Embracing the Beloved

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